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an SR-22 is a document that shows proof of financial responsibility. You'll need an SR-22 if on

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Affordable SR22 Insurance in Santa Clarita, CA


When you have a DUI in Santa Clarita or anywhere in the surrounding area, you will be required to maintain an SR22 Insurance policy if you want to keep driving.  At, we want to be your resource for all things SR22 related.  Please browse through our site or call us directly if you have any questions.


What is an SR22?


This is a filing with the state of California that shows the DMV that you are carrying current insurance. Every driver in the state has to meet specific requirements for liability insurance, and most insurance companies will file your policy with the DMV electronically, but if you have an SR22, that filing is usually immediate, or every 24 hours. This means that if your policy cancels or lapses for any reason the DMV will be notified by the next day. If you need an SR22 because of a license suspension and your policy cancels you will lose your driving privileges until your policy is reinstated or replaced.


An SR22 is a filing with the state you live in which shows the DMV that you are current with car insurance.  All motor vehicle drivers in the state have to meet certain requirements in order to have liability coverage.  Most insurance companies should file your policy with the DMV.  If you have an SR22, that filing is conducted immediately, or ever 24 hours.  If for any reason your policy cancels, the DMV will be notified by the next day.  If your policy cancels and you are covered with SR22 than you will lose your driving privileges until your policy is renewed or replaced.


How do i get SR22 Coverage?


If you have a current policy already, you can usually add the SR22 by calling your agent. However, you can most likely expect your rates to increase once your new violations hit your record. If you lose the Good Driver Discount you will face at least a 30% increase in premium.


What are my options?


Thankfully there are plenty! Most California insurance companies have programs with rates that are built around “high-risk” drivers. They may come with certain restrictions, but the price will be more fair.


How much is an SR22?


SR22 filings usually cost around $10-$25 on renewal. It should not be a monthly charge (although you will be charged more if you have a suspension on your record). Be sure to ask your agent to disclose the filing cost, and any additional fees before you sign the application.



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